InfoWorks! Rhode Island Education Data Reporting

Safe and Supportive Schools / Student Indicators (2013 - 2014)

Stability Index (Elementary Schools)

Rhode Island

District School This School
Statewide 87%
Barrington Hampden Meadows School 96%
Barrington Nayatt School 96%
Barrington Primrose Hill School 96%
Barrington Sowams Elementary School 99%
Bristol Warren Colt Andrews School 87%
Bristol Warren Guiteras School 94%
Bristol Warren Hugh Cole School 91%
Bristol Warren Rockwell School 96%
Burrillville Austin T. Levy School 89%
Burrillville Steere Farm Elementary School 92%
Burrillville William L. Callahan School 89%
Central Falls Capt. G. Harold Hunt School 80%
Central Falls Ella Risk School 76%
Central Falls Margaret I. Robertson School 73%
Central Falls Veterans Memorial Elementary 79%
Chariho Ashaway Elementary School 96%
Chariho Charlestown Elementary School 89%
Chariho Hope Valley Elementary School 91%
Chariho Richmond Elementary School 92%
Chariho The R.Y.S.E. School 25%
Coventry Blackrock School 89%
Coventry Hopkins Hill School 87%
Coventry Tiogue School 93%
Coventry Washington Oak School 96%
Coventry Western Coventry School 96%
Cranston Arlington School 87%
Cranston Chester W. Barrows School 89%
Cranston Daniel D. Waterman School 90%
Cranston Eden Park School 88%
Cranston Edgewood Highland School 86%
Cranston Edward S. Rhodes School 92%
Cranston Garden City School 88%
Cranston George J. Peters School 87%
Cranston Gladstone Street School 86%
Cranston Glen Hills School 91%
Cranston Hope Highlands Elementary School 97%
Cranston Oak Lawn School 92%
Cranston Orchard Farms Elementary School 95%
Cranston Stadium School 82%
Cranston Stone Hill School 88%
Cranston William R. Dutemple School 92%
Cranston Woodridge School 93%
Cumberland Ashton School 90%
Cumberland B.F. Norton Elementary School 88%
Cumberland Community School 96%
Cumberland Cumberland Preschool Center 72%
Cumberland Garvin Memorial School 90%
Cumberland John J. McLaughlin Cumberland Hill School 92%
East Greenwich Frenchtown School 95%
East Greenwich George Hanaford School 96%
East Greenwich James H. Eldredge Elementary School 98%
East Greenwich Meadowbrook Farms School 91%
East Providence Agnes B. Hennessey School 87%
East Providence Alice M. Waddington School 87%
East Providence Emma G. Whiteknact School 88%
East Providence James R. D. Oldham School 83%
East Providence Kent Heights School 93%
East Providence Myron J. Francis Elementary School 90%
East Providence Orlo Avenue School 91%
East Providence Silver Spring School 91%
Exeter-West Greenwich Metcalf School 93%
Exeter-West Greenwich Mildred E. Lineham School 80%
Exeter-West Greenwich Wawaloam School 92%
Foster Captain Isaac Paine Elementary School 91%
Glocester Fogarty Memorial School 94%
Glocester West Glocester Elementary 90%
Independent Charter School Achievement First Providence Mayoral Academy 95%
Independent Charter School Blackstone Valley Prep Elementary 2 School 99%
Independent Charter School Blackstone Valley Prep Elementary School 98%
Independent Charter School Highlander Charter School 100%
Independent Charter School International Charter School 98%
Independent Charter School Kingston Hill Academy 91%
Independent Charter School Paul Cuffee Charter School >99%
Independent Charter School The Compass School 97%
Independent Charter School The Learning Community Charter School 97%
Jamestown Melrose Avenue School 90%
Johnston Brown Avenue School 94%
Johnston Early Childhood Center 89%
Johnston Graniteville School 69%
Johnston Sarah Dyer Barnes School 92%
Johnston Thornton School 90%
Johnston Winsor Hill School 93%
Lincoln Lincoln Central Elementary School 96%
Lincoln Lonsdale Elementary School 87%
Lincoln Northern Lincoln Elementary School 90%
Lincoln Saylesville Elementary School 90%
Little Compton Wilbur & McMahon Schools 96%
Middletown Aquidneck School 85%
Middletown Forest Avenue School 80%
Middletown Joseph H. Gaudet Learning Academy 86%
Narragansett Narragansett Elementary School 94%
Newport Claiborne Pell Elementary School 84%
New Shoreham Block Island School 87%
North Kingstown Fishing Cove Elementary School 81%
North Kingstown Forest Park Elementary School 94%
North Kingstown Hamilton Elementary School 93%
North Kingstown Stony Lane Elementary School 95%
North Kingstown Suzanne M. Henseler Quidnessett Elementary School 85%
North Providence Centredale School 83%
North Providence Dr. Joseph A Whelan Elementary School 95%
North Providence Greystone School 86%
North Providence James L. McGuire School 92%
North Providence Marieville Elementary School 87%
North Providence Stephen Olney School 88%
North Smithfield Dr. Harry L. Halliwell Memorial School 96%
North Smithfield North Smithfield Elementary School 93%
Pawtucket Agnes E. Little School 86%
Pawtucket Curvin-McCabe School 81%
Pawtucket Elizabeth Baldwin School 78%
Pawtucket Fallon Memorial School 83%
Pawtucket Flora S. Curtis Memorial School 84%
Pawtucket Francis J. Varieur School 83%
Pawtucket Henry J. Winters School 78%
Pawtucket M. Virginia Cunningham School 81%
Pawtucket Nathanael Greene School 85%
Pawtucket Potter-Burns School 85%
Portsmouth Howard Hathaway School 90%
Portsmouth Melville Elementary School 80%
Providence Alan Shawn Feinstein Elementary at Broad Street 81%
Providence Alfred Lima, Sr. Elementary School 85%
Providence Anthony Carnevale Elementary School 82%
Providence Asa Messer Elementary School 85%
Providence Carl G. Lauro Elementary School 79%
Providence Charles Fortes Elementary School 78%
Providence Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School 86%
Providence Frank Spaziano Avenue Elementary School & Annex 86%
Providence George J. West Elementary School 78%
Providence Harry Kizirian Elementary School 74%
Providence Leviton Dual Language School 93%
Providence Lillian Feinstein Elementary, Sackett Street 84%
Providence Mary E. Fogarty Elementary School 70%
Providence Pleasant View School 83%
Providence Reservoir Avenue School 91%
Providence Robert F. Kennedy Elementary School 89%
Providence Robert L. Bailey, IV Elementary School 84%
Providence The Sgt. Cornel Young, Jr. & Charlotte Woods Elementary School @ The B. Jae Clanton Complex 75%
Providence Times2 Academy 95%
Providence Vartan Gregorian Elementary School 87%
Providence Veazie Street School 80%
Providence Webster Avenue School 88%
Providence William D'Abate Elementary School 87%
Scituate Clayville Elementary School 93%
Scituate Hope Elementary School 95%
Scituate North Scituate Elementary School 97%
Smithfield Anna M. McCabe School 88%
Smithfield Old County Road School 90%
Smithfield Raymond C. LaPerche School 90%
Smithfield William Winsor School 93%
South Kingstown Broad Rock Middle School no data
South Kingstown Matunuck School 95%
South Kingstown Peace Dale Elementary School 92%
South Kingstown South Kingstown Integrated Pre-school 73%
South Kingstown Wakefield Elementary School 92%
South Kingstown West Kingston Elementary School 90%
State Operated School Rhode Island School for the Deaf 76%
Tiverton Fort Barton School 92%
Tiverton Pocasset School 86%
Tiverton Walter E. Ranger School 94%
Warwick Cedar Hill School 90%
Warwick Cottrell F. Hoxsie School 90%
Warwick Drum Rock Early Childhood Center 76%
Warwick E. G. Robertson School 91%
Warwick Francis School 89%
Warwick Greenwood School 96%
Warwick Harold F. Scott School 92%
Warwick Holliman School 85%
Warwick John Wickes School 88%
Warwick Lippitt School 93%
Warwick Norwood School 91%
Warwick Oakland Beach Elementary School 87%
Warwick Park School 90%
Warwick Randall Holden School 97%
Warwick Sherman School 93%
Warwick Warwick Neck School 93%
Warwick Wyman School 93%
Westerly Bradford Elementary School 82%
Westerly Dunn's Corners School 91%
Westerly Springbrook Elementary School 89%
Westerly State Street School 94%
West Warwick Greenbush Elementary School 89%
West Warwick John F. Horgan Elementary School 79%
West Warwick Maisie E. Quinn Elementary School 53%
West Warwick Wakefield Hills Elementary School 83%
Woonsocket Bernon Heights School 78%
Woonsocket Citizens Memorial School 82%
Woonsocket Globe Park School 81%
Woonsocket Governor Aram J. Pothier School 73%
Woonsocket Harris School 74%
Woonsocket Kevin K. Coleman Elementary School 75%
Woonsocket Leo A. Savoie School 86%