SouthSide Elementary Charter School

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image of students in school
72 Students
4 Teachers

126 Somerset street
Providence, RI, 02907
(401) 521-9696
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This is a Independent Charter School under Director of Administ Rina Consuegra. Funding and Resources data is shown for the Providence District. * In 2014-15, this school was opened. In 2015-16, grade 1 was added. In 2016-17, grade 2 was added.

Student Achievement


Measurements of school and district performance required by No Child Left Behind. Learn more

Accountability Year Classification Details
Accountability Summary and Classification 2016-17 view details


Qualifications and Teacher-Student Ratio

Records of teacher certification, qualification requirements, and teacher-student ratios. Learn more

Qualifications and Teacher-Student Ratio Year This School Statewide Details
Teachers with Emergency Certification 2015-16 0% 1%
Classes Taught by Not Highly Qualified Teachers (All Schools) 2015-16 5% 2%
Teacher-Student Ratio (All Teachers) 2015-16 1:11 1:11
Teacher-Student Ratio (Classroom Teachers) 2015-16 1:14 1:13

Families and Communities

Student Characteristics

Student demographic information. Learn more

Student Characteristics Year This School Statewide Details
Students Eligible for Subsidized Lunch 2016-17 86% 48%
Students from Various Racial/Ethnic Backgrounds 2016-17 view details
Students Receiving ESL/Bilingual Education Services 2016-17 14% 8%
Students Receiving Special Education Services 2016-17 11% 15%

Safe and Supportive Schools


Measurements of student presence at school, or lack thereof. Learn more

Attendance Year This School Statewide Details
Attendance Rate (Elementary Schools) 2015-16 >99% 95% view details
Chronic Absenteeism (Elementary Schools) 2015-16 0% 12%
Incidents of Suspension

Details regarding student removals from the classroom as discipline. Learn more

Incidents of Suspension Year This School Statewide Details
Suspension Rate (Elementary Schools) 2014-15 0.0 per 100 3.8 per 100 view details
Number of Infractions (Elementary Schools) 2014-15 0 2480 view details
Student Indicators

Measurements of student tendency to switch or stay within schools or districts over a school year. Learn more

Student Indicators Year This School Statewide Details
Stability Index (Elementary Schools) 2015-16 96% 87%
Mobility Index (Elementary Schools) 2015-16 4% 14%

Funding and Resources

The most recent data in this topic are not available for this school.


SurveyWorks Reports

Student, parent, teacher, and administrator perceptions and opinions about their schools. Learn more

These reports present the results of the SurveyWorks survey, administered in the spring of 2014. Item responses are reported at the school and state level across five elements that align with Rhode Island's Basic Education Program and Strategic Plan for 2010-2015. These include Teaching and Student Achievement, Families and Communities, Safe and Supportive Schools, and Funding and Resources. These results are designed to help school communities, the public and policy-makers improve the conditions for learning.

Each report contains results for the Student survey at the indicated grade level, and for the Parent and Teacher surveys at all grade levels. Click the links below to download these reports in PDF format.

  • Elementary School Survey
    Students, grades 4-5

These reports are the results of the 2013-2014 Administrators' Survey. The results have been combined for schools in this LEA (LEA stands for Local Education Authority, i.e. school district or state-operated or charter school). In each report, those results are compared to the results statewide. The survey asks administrators to express their opinions and perceptions about their school's practices, issues and climate. The resulting data is designed to aid school planning and improvement.

  • Administrator Survey
    SouthSide Elementary Charter School