About InfoWorks

What is InfoWorks?


The InfoWorks site is designed to encourage everyone interested in Rhode Island's schools to learn more about them, and to get involved. So InfoWorks puts rich, user-friendly data at the fingertips of all Rhode Islanders, making information easy to find, understand and analyze. The Commissioner and the Board of Education want parents and the public to be confidently well-informed as they assume bigger roles in the education of their own children, and in education policy generally.

InfoWorks' online charts are interactive, so when you click a specific school, district or topic, the templates load the most up-to-date statistics available. You can sort the columns on the tables. Every chart has a "print" and an "email" option, to help you share information that interests you. Past years' data can be found in the Data Finder.

While the website's interface is super-friendly, there's a lot of data. We recommend entering InfoWorks' world through your child's school, district, or through statewide comparisons. Data are then broken into five topics. These focal areas are based on Rhode Island's Basic Education Program (BEP) and the Strategic Plan 2010-2015.

Rhode Island Basic Education Program:
Effective July, 2010, the BEP describes the Board of Education's principles and expectations for the state's schools and districts. Read more (pdf)

Who Is InfoWorks?

InfoWorks is a collaborative effort between RIDE and The Providence Plan. Contributors include the design and web development firm Basics Group and education data consultant Julia Steiny.

Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
The Providence Plan
Basics Group