About InfoWorks

History of InfoWorks


Photo courtesy of Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE),
Vartan Gregorian Elementary School at Fox Point.

Initially launched in 1998, the old Information Works! was Rhode Island's first online and hardcopy school-accountability initiative.

It repeatedly won awards from the American Education Research Association (AERA) for its graphic presentations and wealth of information. Shortly after its unveiling, the nickname "InfoWorks" started to stick.

But during the old InfoWorks' 11-year life, to its last iteration in 2009, technology had been evolving rapidly and passed by the once-innovative initiative. InfoWorks users were frustrated with the static pdf format. The charts were laborious to build, difficult to correct, almost impossible to manipulate, and challenging to read with so much data crammed onto each page. During the first four years, InfoWorks was actually printed in Manhattan-phonebook-sized books, driving the developers to maximize each page's valuable "real-estate."

But that was then.

The new InfoWorks provides an entirely different user experience. To find the old Information Works data, please use these links: